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If the opposite of Pro is Con; it stands to reason that the opposite of Progress is _______.

Have you ever really thought about this English language conundrum?  It is the forefront of my mind these days with all of the goings on in politics.  I knew if the the administration that got elected did so, there would be some drastic changes that would not bode well with the middle-class everyday American public.  I had no idea that it would be this bad.
Every day I hear something else that just simply shocks me.  Being a marketing person, I respect the administration for being a marketing powerhouse.  Quite honestly, I am in awe of their muscle.  As an honest tax-paying, American car driving, Coca-Cola drinking, worried-how-to-make-ends-meet American, I am scared to death of the effect on our culture.

This brings me to the dilemma of the day.  Do I support the machine because of their awesome weilding of demographic data and techno-advanced marketing tactic?  Or do I stand in defiance and say, “Cut the bullshit and the tactic, give me something real!”?  I am leaning toward the latter.  I have not been a very active politico until as of late.  I have just been incensed what with bowing to the Prince of Saudi Arabia, touching The Queen, a portuguese water dog and KUMAR as a liaison to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders?

Come on, cut the crap.  When are we going to wake up and see that The White House is now a farce with the blind leading the blind.  The government is now the largest marketing firm in the US, hell the world.  And we keep getting suckered by the ads.  They’ve got our number, for sure.

I remember a story where a government gave people numbers; they tattooed them on their arms.  Is this where we are headed?  I think I’ll try to escape before the Nazis start coming for me.