Anna Maria Island, Florida August 2009Anna Maria Island, Florida August 2009

Have you ever stopped and watched the happenings in the small pools around the sandbars at low tide? These are called shoals according to my research and they are teeming with life at low tide.

It occurred to me as I sat and watched the creatures in this pool that they were sheltered. When we say “low” it often has a negative meaning and it dawned on me that my thought was on this pattern until I saw that these creatures were protected in this low tide recess that was gently fed streams of the cool water from a stray wave, taking back only what skimmed the top.

So, I pondered the sanctuary of a shoal and the bounty of Low Tide. It is the best time to collect shells, sea glass, coral and pebbles; it gives to us the longest stretch of beach to sprawl upon and soak up the sun; and it gives high tide to the other side of the ocean carrying marine life, ships and all matter of other creature along for the ride. And all the while, it provides shelter and protection alongside the banks of the shoals inside the pools for the littlest of creatures so that they may have a chance to thrive in the open sea.
It is up to us to see the beauty in the gift of low and release the negative connotation so that we can reach the high on the other side.