I had a nice talk with an old friend today and he gave me a new perspective on my current situation. We talked about acceptance and what that means versus liking what the situation is about. I learned that even though you can present someone with what your purpose is and they may not like what that means to them, if you let them know what your purpose is they will have a hard time not accepting your purpose. Your job is to be prepared for what their reaction is to your action. And you have to evaluate what those reactions could be, being prepared of course for the wild card, and reconcile that with the importance of your purpose. Is taking ation toward your purpose is worth what could possibly happen if you do not take action? I would like to think that those around me will accept my purpose and the action I am taking to fulfill that purpose, whether or not they are happy with it and the implications it has on them personally. I certainly hope that those closest to me will accept it, be happy for me, support me on my journey and be here for me when I return fulfilled.