I have never been an uber-religious person. For good reason (or at least from my perspective and I do not feel the need to explain). My sister Debbie and my friend Christy have been telling me lately to “LIGMO” (Let it Go – Move On ~ Debbie) and that God will only give me as much I am capable of handling (that’s Christy ~ ever the ray of sunshine in my life no matter how gloomy the clouds in either of our lives are at the time). On Thursday, January 15, I was quickly approaching a brick wall  with failing brakes (in the form of PC failures, unmet deadlines and being the captain of a seemingly unmanned ship) so I pulled the emergency brake to check out for a little bit before I snapped. Something was bothering me and I couldn’t put my finger on what it was so I needed to just take a mental break.

I woke up on Friday, January 16 and decide to face my problems head on and just fix them and move on. Feeling as though God obviously thought I was Wonder Woman, I steeled myself and got out of bed to ready for the day. As I was washing my face a sudden wave hit me that this was the the tenth anniversary of the day my mother was essentially sentenced to her death with the Ovarian Cancer diagnosis. After getting ready and starting out my day, first tackling the PCs, it was obvious that I could not overcome what had been boiling inside without letting it just boil over and I had to just leave to breathe. I decided that I would just take a break from the worries and the PC fix would “come to me” or I would find a source for some free PC advice. In the face of my self-pity, I attended a high-school friend get-together to which I had previously committed.

Low and behold – I met the husband of one of my friends that owns an IT business and after we talked for a few minutes he gave me pretty much the answers I had been needing and we worked out a barter arrangement for further work should those fixes not hold me over. Then Saturday I spent the day helping a friend around her house pretty much all day and it felt good to see our accomplishments at the end of the day. Long story short – I learned two lessons over the weekend. Sometimes it helps to walk away from your own worries and be with or help a friend. It’s amazing that the answer to some of your problems can be stumbled upon by helping someone else with theirs. The second is that whatever the situation ~ giving it up to God may actually be the answer. Call it fate, faith or divine guidance; Mom’s magnet most likely has it right: “Where God guides, he provides.”